Will Kendrick



Let Me Slide Between Two Worlds (2017)
Am I Even Here? (2017)
I'll See You In Another Life Brother (2016)
I've Never Been There But I KNow What It Looks Like (2016)
On the Edge Of A Continent (2016)
Sell Out (2016)
Nothing but make-believe will ever feel quite real again (2016)

While I am Standing Still (2016)
Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession (2015)
The Promise of the Internet (2015)
Paste (2015)

They say dreaming is dead (2015)
The Promise of the Internet (2015)
All these moments will be lost in time (2015)
Reborn, continually, forever (2015)
I kept dreaming of a world i'd thought i'd never see (2015)
Only the Statues Remain / Mclellan (2015)
You're a plague and we are the cure. (2015)
It's the question that drives us. (2015)
We Have Flown The Nest (2015)
Only the Statues Remain / Bath (2015)
Data Drip /Input>Output>Input (2014)
Only the Statues Remain / html (2014)
Only the statues remain / Video (2013)
Still Searching for Gods (2013)



MadeScapes ^


SEIZE presented the work of 15 artists in a public poster exhibition held across Leeds from 5 – 18 October, to coincide with the launch of British Art Show 8.

Over the course of two weeks Leeds residents, commuters and visitors to the city will be able to take a detour from their everyday routine and discover contemporary art on their way to work, on the high street, out shopping or on a lunch break.

In addition to physical posters pasted onto poster drums across Leeds City Centre, www.paste-leeds.co.uk is an accompanying website of digital works. Taking ‘copy and paste’ as a starting point, SEIZE has invited the artists to create images, videos, gifs or playlists that address ideas surrounding the virtual and real in contemporary art practice, and their crossover in everyday life.

Paste will therefore exists simultaneously as both URL and IRL, alluding to a perceived slippage between digital and physical production channels. Responding to a media arena saturated with competing advertising and brands, Pasteexplores the dissolving boundaries between artist-made, user-generated and commercial content in the wake of networked systems of information.


The artists in PASTE:

Alice Khalilova

Derek Mainella

Lorna Mills

Mathew Parkin

Alfie Strong

Oliver Sutherland

Bradley Waller

Jennifer Chan

Adham Faramawy

Jack Fisher

Joey Holder

Ashley Holmes

Emilie Houldsworth

Sebastian Jefford

Will Kendrick


PASTE took place in Leeds from 5 - 18 October 2015, coinciding with the opening of the British Art Show 8, an exhibition that also proposes to explore the convergence of the real and the virtual, and the status of the physical object in contemporary culture.

SEIZE Projects benefits from the generous support of Leeds City Council’s Leeds Inspired funding scheme that has enabled them to realise the PASTE project. Other partners include &Model Gallery, Leeds.

Maps of the poster drum locations are available to download HERE.

For the full press release, click HERE

Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession, (2016) Will Kendrick

Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession, (2016) Will Kendrick