Will Kendrick



Let Me Slide Between Two Worlds (2017)
Am I Even Here? (2017)
I'll See You In Another Life Brother (2016)
I've Never Been There But I KNow What It Looks Like (2016)
On the Edge Of A Continent (2016)
Sell Out (2016)
Nothing but make-believe will ever feel quite real again (2016)

While I am Standing Still (2016)
Between Love and Madness Lies Obsession (2015)
The Promise of the Internet (2015)
Paste (2015)

They say dreaming is dead (2015)
The Promise of the Internet (2015)
All these moments will be lost in time (2015)
Reborn, continually, forever (2015)
I kept dreaming of a world i'd thought i'd never see (2015)
Only the Statues Remain / Mclellan (2015)
You're a plague and we are the cure. (2015)
It's the question that drives us. (2015)
We Have Flown The Nest (2015)
Only the Statues Remain / Bath (2015)
Data Drip /Input>Output>Input (2014)
Only the Statues Remain / html (2014)
Only the statues remain / Video (2013)
Still Searching for Gods (2013)



MadeScapes ^

  The work talks about ideas surrounding the blurring of lines within our cultural methods of production
and archiving. Consistently referencing the collapse and parallels of time experienced in the age
of the internet. The works' diverse and eclectic appearance reflects the wide spectrum of human
endeavour in our hyper-saturated, globally connected experience. From the ridiculous to
the incredible; these works ask questions of the weight and hierarchical values we impose on
these pursuits and whether they are all equally as futile or pragmatic as each other,
in terms of the collective organism that we call human life.