As I Look in the Mirror I See You, 2021Mixed media Audio Visual Installation

Often exploring ideas through the perspective of the machine mind, Kendricks’ work invites the viewer into a world built by an imagined newly sentient digital entity. The work reflects on the nature of the network exploring the idea of copies and the contortion, collation and regurgitation of our own thoughts which, in current deep learning networks, display as convincing reflection of machine consciousness.

‘As I Look in the MIrror I See You’, Is a quote written by Allado-McDowell’s machine collaborator in the book Pharmako-Ai. 

In this work the artist has similarly worked as the trigger for language programmes using his own research as the starting point. 

The output is an audio visual installation featuring some its responses as the conversational voice of its own machine main character.  

This work is a small fragment of a larger installation to be shown at Brighton CCA later in the year. The show will mark the end of the artist’s current Fellowship at Brighton University and the Freelands Foundation. On this project the artist has worked with the graphic designer and producer Edison Francis and the 3D cgi artist Tom Johnson.

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